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Vernal Equinox 2022

On the Emergence of Spring...

After the quiescent, polarized withdrawal of winter’s hibernation and darkness, the recent passage of the full moon in Virgo just days before the Equinox was potent..

Celestial forces have acted out their gestures with intensity, the mud is flying (its mud season here in Vermont), and the sun has been popping!

It was almost like the cracking of an egg, or some new energy 'hatching' occurred…

The sun is now passing over the equator, shining light above and below on an arc of increased light into the northern hemisphere. Onward, the years’ height of brightness reaches its zenith at summer solstice, to equalize (fall equinox) and then down into the deepest withdrawal of winter which we are emerging from now…

We live through darkness to see the light again, as is the propensity of cycles… Perhaps this is a reminder to enjoy life… the days are not coming back… even so, renewal is a constant promise…

I think of the lessons of equinox as those of equivalence in light and shadow, reciprocity and exchange. Rising of the sun in the east, the color green and the five element teaching of ‘wood energy’, wind, the liver/ gallbladder yin/yang pairing, and lessons of expansion, ventilation and trees opening into spring we will see more of with deep welcome…

There may be an apparency of ‘more energy’, and there can be a tendency to run wild when the blush of fresh energies are felt. The elation this brings can set the detriment of physiological overextension… it is easy to get sick from the state of vulnerability that taxation brings. So, the reminder is one of appreciating the pleasures of life and ventilation, but also to not disperse energy of renewal as it emerges. As Taoist sages and yogis recognized, this energy can be circulated internally, refined, and allowed to settle and be stored in the body to promote potency, clarity, growth, longevity, vision, and motive force for higher pursuits.

Considerations for ‘dialing in’ your daily routine for balance in Springtime:

  • Engage in moderate exercise to open the body

  • Approach environmental exposure with care

  • Dress well, be prepared for inevitable and abrupt changes in weather

  • Engage in meditation / centering / breathing to stay grounded in the face of uncertainty

  • Rest deeply (quality sleep + Shavasana)…

  • Include onions, garlic and foods to promote circulation and clearance of stagnation and phlegm

  • Limit dairy and other ‘congestive foods’ that produce mucus

  • Include vegetables and other seasonal crops that progressively ‘lighten’ and fortify the body

  • Engage (responsibly) in intermittent fasting to allow the organ systems to ‘de-stagnate’ and clear mucus

  • Gradually increase awareness around cleansing / perhaps work ‘up to’ a fast, and a do colon cleanse

  • Be outside more and cast off the stagnation of indoor dwelling

  • Socialize, and love

  • Notice the feeling in your nasal passage and lungs.

  • Relax. Exhale, Sigh.

  • Take your herbs, consult your natural medicine guides

  • Enjoy the sun and look forward to summers heat…

May you, your families, and loved ones continue to express the best of this life and share your unique 'heart songs' in movements of grace and compassion through 2022 and beyond.

Alright good people, here we are, enjoy the ventilating expanse of spring!

- q

Ps check out the Farmer’s Almanac info on spring this year:

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