Comprehensive and personalized treatment plans to ensure you get the best care possible

Gentle Acupuncture

Eliminate pain, boost immune system, reduce stress, regain vitality, balance emotions, regulate hormones, optimize physical performance, enhance mental focus and so much more with acupuncture.

Choice Herbs & Supplements 

Effective, side effect free support from our trained practitioners that is 100% natural. Aid immune function, boost energy, regulate digestion, improve sleep quality, increase mental focus and clarity. 

Dietary Therapy

Simple, easy diet changes catered to your specific body needs enhance energy levels, nourish your cells, correct imbalances and keep you looking and feeling younger. Learn how your relationship with food is critical.

MindBody Medicine 

Sustain the healing benefits of acupuncture and chiropractic treatments, increase mobility, range of motion, and empower yourself as an individual. Our practitioners are trained in a variety of mind-body techniques ranging from medical rehabilitation exercises, tai qi, internal qi gong, and healing yoga postures. 

Tui Na 

A form a Chinese Medical Massage, Tui na is a technique used to facilitate range of motion, correct orthopedic dysfunction, and release tension in the body due to mental / emotional stress, overwork, or faulty movement patterns. 


A unique form of body-work developed by Quinn Caya. Informed by neuro-myo-fascial techniques, functional reintegration techniques, eastern and western manual therapy, yoga, qigong and breath education, these sessions re-educate the body’s movement patterns, facilitate healing and mind-body awareness.

Restorative Acu-Yoga

Join us for our Community Restorative Acu-Yoga sessions! Remove the stress of your busy day by taking part in a revitalizing acu-yoga treatment. Here, you can deeply relax in a restorative yoga posture while acupuncture works to regulate your nervous system and and increase your energy and clarity.

Fire Cupping

Reduce pain, improve circulation and feel relaxed with this age old technique that has many more uses than you’ve heard about in the media!

Gua Sha 

The precursor to the commonly used Graston Technique, gua sha is one of many traditional Chinese Medicine technique used to treat tense musculature or resistant trigger points, release and repair of scar tissue, and reduce fevers.