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Balance & Harmony: Fall Equinox 2023

Hey everyone,

I'm writing to wish you all a balanced equinoxial shift. Much has happened through 2023 (a water rabbit year in the Chinese horoscope)... from here, as the days shorten, there is that 'drawing inward' feeling of the e

nergies in our bodies, in the trees, of the fall season...

It's natural to crave more sleep/rest at this time and increasingly so into winter months. Taking care to not overextend or be up too late are guid

elines for staying healthy as the cooler temps descend... the tricky part is that there is just so much to do !! Even so, gotta keep the balance to live the good life...

Well, there it is, I just wanted to connect and wish you all warmth and love in this season of gatherings...

I'll see you soon, or at least you know where to find me...As always, reach out if you need guidance or support, im here for you.

- q

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Acupuncture + botanical formulations for all types of pain, chronic / acute orthopedic issues, psycho-emotional balance, digestive issues, Lyme disease and long Covid symptoms and optimal living in the face of all of it!

'There is no 'clear path' in life. Even if there was, we would not choose to walk it as we would miss the challenges along the way that reveal who we truly are. Those challenges reveal our compassion and reveal our gifts to be shared with the world....' Book in-person & virtual appointments @:

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