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There’s no such thing as a clear path...

Musings on emergence from morning prostrations at the altar of Cernunnos:

There’s no clear path. There’s no such thing.

If there were, you wouldn’t want to choose it because then, you would bypass all of the essential obstacles that would reveal who you truly are, a requisite (and perennial) realization for your gifts to be offered.

I know a lot of you are going through some pretty intense stuff right now. I am too.

Weather the storm well. Weather the storm with courage and resiliency, sensitivity, and perception. Feel all that there is coursing through you. Do not suppress it, but also, do not feed the mire. Keep listening to the softness of the heart, guard your mind, and do not wallow. Stay with the pain, the challenge, celebrate it. Listen to what emerges from within you as you hold ‘all of it’ without attempting to escape….

Then, may the core of your being be completely organized and in tune with the movements of the universe (even if its not all crystal clear - trust in the process)…

Remember, if you need support, the wisdom of the ancestors has your back.

Ask for their guidance.


- quinn

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