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* Key Trick For Fall Health

The winds of change are rolling through the mountains. Its this time of year when we are starting to shift into a full-time mode, harvest and a time of 'gathering' on many levels...

When care is taken to stay healthy and balance through the transition of seasonal change, it is easier to feel and be healthier throughout the entirety of the coming season.

Now, with more and less predictable wind and chill in the air, keeping yourself covered helps the body adapt. Neck scarf's are a must!! along with more warming foods, resting to balance exertion and of course deep sleep. In studies done on sleep deprivation, the first thing that falls of the wagon is immune system functioning. This may also play a role for allergies... Bottom line, the healthier you keep yourself through this fall seasonal change, the smoother your winter will be.

- *

Wear a scarf!

- drink warming liquids

- begin to incorporate more nourishing / warming foods

- keep your lungs healthy / go for walks

- be social (walk and talks) in the park warm the heart and keep your body resilient / mind clear

- Appreciate and honor the natural withdraw from activity and reflect on your growth/ your harvest

- your body will thank you

If you need help w/ any health related challenges my door is always open!

- quinn

Clear Path LLC (Quinn Caya, LAc., MS, DiplOM) provides natural solutions to modern health concerns. Offering personalized care, care plans for specific health conditions and wellness programs. We offer acupuncture & clinical herbal medicine, health education and hope and support when it matters most.

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