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Forward We Go, The Only Way Is Through...

Hey all,

We are back on our feet treating patients in office and via Telehealth.

So far this week, we’ve helped human beings with these conditions:

⁃ Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

⁃ Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTST)

⁃ Anxiety

⁃ Depression

⁃ Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

⁃ Chronic Fatigue

⁃ Pain / Orthopedic / Neurological concerns

We use botanical formulations and remedies for a wide range of health concerns base on classical clinical herbology and the latest scientific insights. Basically, if there’s a health issue, ‘there is a herb for that’…

…many benefit from the genius formulations of classical and modern botanical remedies along with acupuncture…

If you've got muscle soreness, we've got herbs for that.... I've used the herbs in this combination by Evergreen Herbs to support my workouts and recovery, about feeling like a 'bionic man'... for longevity, 'motion is lotion'...

We love the Classical Pearls’s ‘Legacy’ line which iterates new combinations and modifications of (old school) remedies with respect to the unique concerns of the modern patient. These are often ‘layered’ with other classical remedies from their ‘Heritage’ line in a ‘phasic’ approach to each course of herbal therapy…

Ease Pearls is a great remedy helpful to those grappling with:

⁃ anxiety

⁃ irritability

⁃ fatigue

⁃ digestive issues

⁃ pain related to stress

⁃ and more…

We love it, and I think you will too…

Thank you to everyone who has reached out in support of the rebound from the flood. Montpelier Alive, the Vermont Strong Recovery effort and all the community support has been incredible. - quinn

*If you or someone you care about needs help with pain or any other health concern give a call 802-828-7373 or visit our online booking and set an appointment. You have options.

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