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Are you tired of relying on pain meds to get through life?

Do you find yourself relying on NSAID’s to get through the week, or your period each month? Is your digestion/elimination always off? Are you fatigued and unmotivated ’all the time’? Are you relying on over the counter drugs that ‘kind of help, but not really’? How many times a week do you need them to make it through? Has this become 'normal' for you?

Do you wish there was a real solution?

It doesn't have to be that way. It is possible to live without pain and enjoy life.

Commercial ad messaging for drugs aims to sell while implying safety through normalization. And then, there is the list of side effects that nobody reads…

Here’s an example from

’Commonly reported side effects of ibuprofen include: hemorrhage, vomiting, anemia, decreased hemoglobin, eosinophilia, and hypertension. Other side effects include: upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage, upper gastrointestinal tract ulcer, dizziness, and dyspepsia.’

The entire list (you can look it up on the same page) is surprisingly long, especially when considering how many rely in this strategy to get through life…

We’ve been brainwashed and everybody knows it. But is that how you want to live? Popping a smiley face over your problems to get through the day, again?

How awesome would it be if getting to the root of the problem and actually feeling alive was really possible? What if you felt empowered and knew that you had the control of your life and the ability to do things you love with the people you care for?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a natural approach that could help your body and strengthen you as a person? Too good to be true?

There is a way.

There is a natural approach that is thousands of years old. It doesn’t work because its ‘old’, it works because it works. Yes, there is plenty of research to support it. In actuality, western research is playing catch up. There are tens of thousands of research articles available to the public on the subject.

This is old news.

Our natural approach which includes acupuncture & Chinese herbal medicine re-calibrates the body’s neuro-bio-modulatory functions.

Here’s a list of a few of the awesome benefits:

- Raises energy levels

- Supports mental clarity

- Optimizes sex drive

- Improves sleep

- Modulates immune system

- Balances hormones

- Relieves cramping / eases pain

- Regulates menstrual cycle

- Increases vitality / radiance

- Boosts life-force

- Promotes longevity

- Accelerates healing of injury

Healing requires effort, and it is not always easy. There really isn’t a magic pill. But there is the truth. The truth of living fully, of growing through the positive expression of who you are each day, of fulfillment. Health is a form of wealth and it is asking for you to take its hand. Maybe its time to rethink things... You know those memes that go: 'How it started / How its going'... what does yours look like? How does that feel to you?

Maybe, it is time to re-commit to caring about your body, your mind, your soul... This is your one life after all...

As, one of my teachers was famous for uttering in the sweat lodge: ‘If the cosmic phone rings, you might want to answer’….

This is your one life.

If you’ve been looking for help (or have tried a lot of things that still haven’t solved your issue), we are here for you. We’ll listen to your story. Let’s start w/ a phone call.

Book an Initial Consult Call and speak directly w/ a practitioner about what you need help with. 802.828.7373 / /

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