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Are you ready... Allergy season is coming...

Take a look at this photo from my run the other day...

If you're not yet prepping, Now is the time to start to capitalize on optimizing immune system function. Self-care including regular good nights sleep, exercise and healthy diet predispose ones and immune system to function properly.

Also, acupuncture has shown to have a supportive effect in research on immune system modulation with specific attention on allergic rhinitis (hay fever / seasonal allergies). The research on this is really good actually.

On its own, Chinese medicine herbology plays a clinically supportive role in patient care for all types of health concerns including seasonal allergies. It also synchronizes with and enhances the benefits of acupuncture.

Health truly is wealth - when you do not have health, being healthy is what one wishes for... and illness or suboptimal living prevent one from experiencing life...

Whatever your strategies, remember, being healthier and sustaining health enables all body functions to be more resilient / adaptive to change.

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