Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, nutrient supplementation, lifestyle &  nutritional optimization, restorative exercise, breath instruction, meditation.

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Clear Path is committed to providing quality natural health care with compassion and integrity. 

Specializing in holistic solutions for chronic pain, stress and lifestyle related chronic illness, anxiety, depression, men's health and women's health concerns.


“My experience with Quinn has been unbelievable. I came into his office after taking ibuprofen everyday for over a month due to a bad TMJD flareup. After just my second appointment I was starting to feel my jaw pain fade, and after my fourth appointment I no longer needed to take ibuprofen daily. Not only did it help with my pain–it helped my anxiety, which was definitely contributing to the jaw pain I felt. Quinn helped me to bring mindfulness and meditation into my acupuncture sessions, which gave me a deep sense of healing that trickled into every aspect of my life. I highly recommend Quinn and Clear Path to anyone wishing to heal their body or spirit.”

– Megan, Public Advocate


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