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Fire, Sky, Lake Beach


Acupuncture, orthopedic acupuncture, traditional herbal remedies, essential supplementation, diet & lifestyle optimization, restorative movement & breath work, meditation, somato-energetic therapy.

Natural solutions for all types of pain and orthopedic conditions, digestive issues, Lyme disease, long-covid symptoms and other chronic health concerns.

“My experience with Quinn has been unbelievable. I came into his office after taking ibuprofen everyday for over a month due to a bad TMJD flareup. After just my second appointment I was starting to feel my jaw pain fade, and after my fourth appointment I no longer needed to take ibuprofen daily. Not only did it help with my pain–it helped my anxiety, which was definitely contributing to the jaw pain I felt. Quinn helped me to bring mindfulness and meditation into my acupuncture sessions, which gave me a deep sense of healing that trickled into every aspect of my life. I highly recommend Quinn and Clear Path to anyone wishing to heal their body or spirit.”

– Megan, Public Advocate

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