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Natural solutions for pain, orthopedic conditions, and other chronic or difficult health concerns.
Book a consultation today and change your life.

Acupuncture, clinical herbology, key supplements, lifestyle optimization, restorative movement & breath work, meditation, somato-energetic therapy. 

“My experience with Quinn has been unbelievable. I came into his office after taking ibuprofen everyday for over a month due to a bad TMJD flareup. After just my second appointment I was starting to feel my jaw pain fade, and after my fourth appointment I no longer needed to take ibuprofen daily. Not only did it help with my pain–it helped my anxiety, which was definitely contributing to the jaw pain I felt. Quinn helped me to bring mindfulness and meditation into my acupuncture sessions, which gave me a deep sense of healing that trickled into every aspect of my life. I highly recommend Quinn and Clear Path to anyone wishing to heal their body or spirit.”

I highly recommend Quinn Caya of Clear Path, LLC in Montpelier. He's a skilled acupuncturist and he also works with Chinese herbal medicine. He offers natural solutions for pain, orthopedic conditions, and other chronic or difficult health concerns. He's kind, caring, and listens to his clients needs. He's made a really positive impact on my life. Check out his website to see all that he offers at

– Megan, Public Advocate

- Colleen, Teacher

“Quinn is an urban shaman, has deep experience of yoga, experiential anatomy and is very pragmatic, grounded and visionary.”

“Quinn is a wonderful acupuncturist! He is very caring and compassionate, and always puts his patients’ comfort first. I was really scared of the needles when I came to him and he was gentle and concerned for my well-being. He is also a highly knowledgeable herbalist.”

– François, Senior Yoga Teacher

– Julie, Attorney

“Quinn is an inspired practitioner of acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and a brilliant body worker. He understands both the technique and the depth of the human energy system. His personal experience with martial arts and yoga adds the energetic dimension of transmission to his listening, his technique, and his healing. I have had a lot of body work from talented practitioners over the years and Quinn is one of the best.”

“Quinn is an incredible practitioner. His sensitivity and awareness are matched only by his skill and technique. There are few others of his kind. We are lucky to have him!”

– Elizabeth, Chiropractor

– Phil, Academic

“Quinn provided a secure place for me to experience a healthier me. He is very compassionate and his technique is great. I’m afraid of needles and I couldn’t feel a single one. I saw him for back pain due to old martial arts injuries.”

“Quinn is the very rare combination of where experience and dedication to healing resides in a practitioner who is a pleasure to work with. He is never pushy, listens intently, and explains the entire process clearly and patiently from the start. He truly seeks to treat with personalized care. I have worked with other acupuncture practices in the past and can say this is how it should be. I cannot recommend Clear Path and Quinn Caya enough.”

– Rafael, Chiropractor

– Sacha, CEO

“I sought acupuncture from Quinn after trying several different treatment modalities for a sports injury. I continued to experience musculoskeletal pain and nervous system weakness until I received acupuncture with Quinn. He is a compassionate and brilliant practitioner. Following several sessions I am symptom free and training for a week long bike tour in NYS. Thank-you Quinn!”

“Let me begin by saying I have regularly sought holistic care for nearly 20 years, and have worked with at least a dozen practitioners. While many of them were very good at their practice, none come close to Quinn. He is more than a practitioner – he is a gifted healer. He has increased my awareness of the way I carry and move my body throughout my day, and his level of understanding of how my various activities (martial arts and lots of computer time) effect me has been incredibly helpful in alleviating chronic tension, pain, and allergies. As a patient for nearly 4 years, I consider my appointments with Quinn an essential component of my preventative healthcare routine. He is pleasant, caring, and attentive to boot. Can’t recommend him enough!”

– Nancy, Retired

 – Melissa, CEO

“I have been having a wonderful experience, working with Quinn, regarding herniated disc and plantar fasciitis. He is very good at the healing arts, sensitive and flexible, intuitive, smart. I’m well along the way to a healthier situation, I’m grateful.”

“Quinn is amazing and has been helping me for a few months treating anxiety and mild depression. I felt a complete difference after the first session and still continue to feel better since starting my treatments. Acupuncture is a godsend. I highly recommend Quinn and his methods of acupuncture and Chinese medicine.”

– Mark, Author

– Zach, Graphic Designer

“I have known Quinn for almost 20 years and I have been able to experience his growth and utmost dedication to the Healing Arts, Yoga and Martial Arts. He has immersed himself in all of these practices and therefore is able to draw not only from the extensive and in depth studies that he has undertaken, but also from the deep well of his own inner knowledge and embodied wisdom.”

“Quinn Caya is my go-to for natural care of my health concerns. His premises are clean, warm and welcoming and include off-street parking.  The intake process is professional and tactful.  The treatment rooms are comfortable and inviting. What separates Quinn from most practitioners is his completely mindful presence during the treatment process.  Technically proficient practitioners are not hard to find, but very few can slow down and follow what the body tells them to offer the patient what they actually need to solve their problems at the root.”

– Felicitas, Teacher

– Roy, Ranger

“I was recommended to Quinn for chronic pain in my mid-back and neck that has been there for years! I was still hopeful, but I had been treated by other acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists, hypnotherapists, even my doctor, and it wasn’t getting better. Quinn provided the solutions I needed and helped resolve my pain and prevent it from slipping back. Using acupuncture, myofascial work, Chinese herbal medicine, and appropriate yoga exercises/stretches at home, my condition began to change after my first appointment. Clear Path is the place to go if you are looking for solutions that address the root of the problem and get back to living your life. Acupuncture is amazing at naturally treating chronic pain and many other common problems like headaches, depression, anxiety, menstrual pain, fatigue, insomnia and basically anything that decreases quality of life. Happy healing, friends!”

“Last week was my first time seeking any form of traditional Chinese medicine and I am glad I did! Quinn is a dynamic practitioner that truly knows his stuff! He fully explained the acupuncture process and technique -and I was fully at ease! Acupuncture is something that I intend on doing on a regular basis.”

– Marie, Chiropractor

– Janelle, Teacher

“I have worked with Quinn Caya for over 5 years. He has consistently helped me to grow and heal both in body and spirit. Recently, he was generous enough to introduce me to acupuncture. I was a little timid and admittedly skeptical even. After my first appointment, I immediately felt differently and now look forward to continuing to care for myself through acupuncture. I’d entrust Quinn to my friends, family, and beloved community and recommend him to you as well.”

“I’ve worked with five different acupuncturists before I worked with Quinn Caya, acupuncturist. His exceptional treatments gave me the best results and the healing that I was seeking for years. Wish I would have gone to him sooner. He listens to you and partners with you to help you recover and maintain your good health. Would highly recommend Quinn and his results oriented acupuncture practice.”

- Harper, Administrator

– Rick, Retired

“I have completed 3 sessions, I came to Quinn Caya’s acupuncture because I heard so many great stories about his ability. I came because I suffer from migraines and other few things. My goal is to stop taking medications. So far I had an amazing experience not only with Quinn but with all the staff as well. I would recommend you to come and try acupuncture before going into anything else.”

“Quinn Caya is an incredible practitioner with an immense amount of hands on experience. He is extremely knowledgeable in the anatomy of the body as well as the intricacies of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. His balanced background in massage, yoga, qi gong and reiki only add to the depth of his abilities as a healer. Quinn’s compassionate, calm and confident approach is sure to help you on your path, whatever that may be! I highly recommend his services!”

– Julie, Manager

– Chelsey, Entrepreneur

“An excellent practitioner providing healing and wellness for the modern lifestyle. I strongly recommend him!”

“Mr. Caya’s understanding of acupuncture helped me with chronic pain. Waking up pain free is amazing. I recommend his clinic to anyone with severe and chronic pain.”

– Mairin, Artist

– Sun, Entrepreneur

“I love Quinn Caya’s Acupuncture treatments, it’s an amazing place. I had major of pain in my back and after only a few sessions I felt better. I recommend this place to my family and friends.”

 “Quinn is an excellent therapist and Reiki master- His Reiki is impeccable and I rank him in the top 3 healers I have met, including a world renowned energy medicine worker whom has worked with the United Nations. He is open-minded and non-judgmental, and I felt comfortable in session with him even when I barely knew him- I totally recommend his services.” 

– Marcus, Landscaper

 – Jason, Musician

 “I came to Quinn Caya through a recommendation by a fellow musician. As a group, we tend to have issues with our necks, shoulders, and upper backs because of repetitive use. Quinn, doing ongoing work on my neck and shoulders, has been able to release and calm the musculature in my shoulders which in turn, has helped my migraine headaches. Quinn is a very intuitive professional, much more so than any others that I’ve worked with. He has a comprehensive knowledge of anatomy, explaining and describing things as he goes. He also teaches yoga, approaching issues much like a doctor would, recommending poses and stretches to help specific issues. This prescriptive yoga paired with treatment is unique and effective. I highly recommend him.”

 “I have known Quinn Caya for nearly 4 years and have attended both his Yoga and Tai Chi classes.  We are currently working on Qi Gong/Tai Chi/Meditation studies.  He keeps my mind alert and eager to learn new concepts, and my body functioning well.  I am nearly 70 and truly appreciate having such a talented teacher and beloved friend who keeps me full of good health, vitality and laughter…."

– Betsy, Musician

–  Pam, Jeweler

 “I never thought I would be able to use my hands to push myself up off the floor (it was way too painful), yet, now I can support my weight on my hands to do Downward Facing Dog and other Yoga poses … nothing short of a miracle.”

 “I notice that I seem to no longer hold as much tension in my body, and I am better able to handle stress constructively. I also have more energy and more endurance to do what I love.”

– Roberta, Retired

– Sara, Editor

 “After losing my favorite practitioner of many years, I searched and searched for one who could even begin to match her level of expertise. I probably went to about 5 different, equally seasoned, practitioners with little luck. Then I found Quinn and my search was over. Quinn’s approach is heavily inspired by his life-long study of yoga. He not only treats problem areas, but works to help you understand the daily factors in your life that might contribute to them. After a session Quinn would prescribe certain postures that I could practice or even foods I could eat to ease certain problem areas until our next appointment. Quinn has a keenly conscientious manner and constantly reflects on and improves (or even radically alters) past sessions in an effort to continuously improve treatment. His love for his work is reflected in his broad knowledge of not only his field but wellness in general. If you are looking for a professional and truly holistic practitioner Quinn is perfect.”

“Hello Quinn, It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday.  I wanted to thank you for an outstanding treatment.  My vertigo is gone, my neck and jaw are very relaxed, I slept all night long and have boundless energy today.  You are are amazing and talented healer and I look forward to working with you for many years to come.  I am practicing being a non-judging witness with better posture and I am more aware of my breathing – it works! Peace.”

 – Amy, Politician

– Rick, Professor

“Quinn Caya saved my life. Not literally, but in the ways that really count. I was in chronic pain and agony. My back troubles were messing up my work, my family, my finances, my enjoyment of anything, including my vacation which had to end early. I’d been to lots of doctors and chiropractors who accomplished nothing but billing me. Now I am pain free. Yeah, there’s still some chronic tension and and spasm, and when that happens, I do what Quinn taught me to do and it goes away. whatever your problem, Quinn probably has an answer. He’s brilliant, and he’s also kind and funny. A great practitioner, and a great teacher.”

“I have been a yoga student with Quinn and have seen him for treatment as well. In the rehab of an old sports injury, he provided pain relief and guidance regarding how to manage and heal this area. His thorough knowledge of the muscolo-skeletal system, knowledge of yoga, appropriate ways of movement, his curiosity and care make him an excellent therapist. Highly recommended.”

– Laurie, Rabbi

– Juara, Media Director

“I have had appointments with Quinn that are so effective and helpful that I send many of the yoga students who are experiencing certain muscular or structural difficulties to him for either treatment or further yoga instruction. He is someone I trust will be able to help anyone I send to him. I have complete confidence in his abilities, his knowledge and his integrity. It’s actually pleasing to know that there is a person in the city who is so capable. Thank you, Quinn.”

“I highly recommend Quinn–he’s the best practitioner I’ve seen. He’s helped me work through a number of issues through both treatment and yoga instruction. His practice is integrated, holistic, and therapeutic. He does a great job responding to particular needs so his sessions are very individualistic. Quinn also has great ideas for how to improve on your own and through a home yoga practice. Couldn’t recommend him more!”

– Michael, Teacher

– Kim, University Professor

 “Quinn is both very effective and very sensitive. For a series of appointments I met with Quinn for rehab of an old injury. I was very pleased with his ability to both understand my goals and to educate me. He exhibits a thorough knowledge of anatomy and body mechanics. His lengthy experience with Yoga adds an additional dynamic to his practice.”

“Once in a great while we may meet a person who far exceeds his age in knowledge, expertise, technique, professionalism, and wisdom. Quinn Caya is such a person. Quinn’s ability as a practitioner and instructor is way beyond any others I have met. He truly knows the human anatomy and how to target problem areas, while being responsive to how I am feeling. Treatment has been so helpful, as well as the conversations and instructions. Quinn is the only practitioner I now see and I highly recommend him.”

– Tim, Software Engineer

– Bonnie, Retired

“I can’t say enough about the amazing work Quinn did with my mom while she was ill. I recommend him highly! After every visit with Quinn Mom looked 10 years younger! I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it myself. He was calming, yet energizing, and at the same time brought her peace and comfort. She looked forward to every visit. Quinn is very knowledgeable and extremely well trained. He was reliable, always on time, and compassionate. We tried other practitioners, but no one compared to Quinn. He made Mom his whole focus during visits, tuning into her emotional and physical needs. He taught Mom some wonderful breathing techniques, too. I am so grateful to Quinn for the tremendous benefits he provided mom.”

 “Quinn has a very strong grasp on the theoretical, practical and spiritual knowledge of the body and the breath. His presence is calming, his touch is healing and energizing. I was impressed with his ability to become attuned so quickly to the spaces in my body that needed attention. I felt centered and truly well after a session with him. Quinn is a gifted practitioner – highly recommended.”

– Jen, Teacher

– Anne Marie, Secretary

“I was just reading a review about how this woman’s mother looked younger and younger after a treatment with Quinn Caya and I have had that same result as well! Quinn is a talented and gifted healer! His compassionate care is so healing and therapeutic, I am so grateful!”

“My Uncle was residing in a nursing home, with (mid stage) Dementia, as well as Peripheral Neuropathy. My Uncle was very aware of his surroundings, and often was quite “tense” much of the time. My past Yoga experience with Quinn, taught me some important techniques to relieve anxiety. So when my uncle seemed to be experiencing increased tension, I thought to call Quinn. I asked if he could work with my Uncle and after providing his health history, he agreed. Quinn’s therapeutic approach for my Uncle became a source of enjoyment that he really looked forward to. This was a man who was classic A personality. He use to sit with legs crossed constantly, and lets just say hadn’t experienced much bodywork before this. Quinn really worked with the family and my Uncle to understand how best to reach him. Always treating him with great respect and dignity, constantly checking in with him as to how he felt. At one point I was called in and my Uncle had both his arms and legs propped on pillows. He was in this dream-like state with an amazingly bright smile on his face. This was days before he passed away. Nice way to spend some of your last hours on earth. After my Uncle passed, (the day after the funeral) his wife developed serious arthritis and was unable to move her neck or head, making it difficult to sleep, stand or sit. Quinn agreed to meet her and work on the problem. After a few emergency appointments she was leaving to go live in Florida for the winter. Quinn found her a therapist in Florida which she used for the entire winter, as did her daughter. I am so very grateful to have had Quinn’s dedication, respect, and knowledge at a time when my family was in dire need.”

– Sarah, Dance Instructor

– Rebecca, Retired

“Quinn has a very strong knowledge base in anatomy and physiology. He is very effective in treatment and seems so connected to each muscle fiber in my body. Looking forward to my next session.”

“I had my first session with Quinn last week and it is hands down the best. He has an extensive understanding of anatomy and could target the problems i was having immediately. It is obvious that healing and helping people is Quinn’s calling in life.”

– Cynthia, Manager

– Christie, Teacher

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