Initial Consult (telephone)

Speak with your clinician and discuss what you are seeking help with in an un-pressured fashion. The purpose of the initial consultation is to take a look at how we can help you. Once the decision to move forward has been made, we’ll schedule your New Patient Intake appointment!

New Patient Intake, Health History & Assessment

Together we will dive into a comprehensive overview of the chief complaint as well as health and medical-history, lifestyle and other factors that contribute to your present condition and over-all health and wellness goals. You'll receive a working treatment plan and reserve your follow-up appointments.

Treatment Plan & Follow-ups ('Trial of Care')

Comprehensive treatment plans are created for each patient. This begins with a 'working treatment plan' based on the latest research and time tested protocols. Treatment plans provide necessary structure for the best patient outcomes and yet are responsive and flexible to the realities of modern life.


After significant changes have been experienced by the patient, we enter the maintenance phase to sustain the benefits of treatment and frequency of follow-up visits can be reduced.

Prevention & Support (Wellness Care Plans)

Many patients choose to continue with prevention and supportive wellness care. Some revisit treatment on an 'as needed' basis for times of stress, occasional pain, injury etc. or just to feel great and be at the top of their game!