Natural Medicine For Men’s Health

How would life be if you had tools and the know-how that would allow you to be strong and vital through all your years? 

Natural Medicine For Men’s Health

How would life be if you had tools and the know-how that would allow you to be strong and vital through all your years? 

We address men’s health concerns with our natural therapies. Reduce or even eliminate your symptoms naturally and begin living your life again WITHOUT relying on medications, libido enhancement drugs and WITHOUT expensive lab tests, surgeries, or unrealistic diets or extreme workouts.

And, in many cases, noticeable improvements occur in as little as 7-10 days.

Our powerful natural therapies works for many male health concerns and associated symptoms including:

- Urinary difficulty or prostate / BPH related issues
- Chronic Pain

- Anxiety / depression related to mid-life crisis challenges

- Anxiety related performance problems
- Low libido, Erectile dysfunction (ED)
- Premature ejaculation (PE)
- Hypertension / high blood pressure
- Diabetes peripheral neuropathy related

- Pelvic Pain

- Difficulty recovering from workouts (soreness, stiffness)

- Difficulty concentrating

Natural Health for Men
It is common for men to encounter some kind of men’s health issue or concern related to overall health, endurance and / or sexual performance at some point in their lives. This is more likely after the age of forty. It might be urinary dysfunction, an enlarged prostate, feeling low energy at a time when one used to be able to keep going. Perhaps the testosterone lowering cholesterol meds you’ve been on are starting to affect your body and you’re less interested or capable in the bedroom. Maybe the libido stimulants are depleting core physical reserves and you aren’t sure what to do from here. Maybe you’re stressed and fearful of what the later years will bring. Maybe you’re a young guy trying to get things figured out so you can be strong your entire life. Or, maybe you just smoke too much and finally want to get that addiction handled.

I’ve had many conversations with men over the years about health, life, relationships, and the challenges of being a man of integrity in modern times. …how to be the best of who you are and that sort of thing. Many men express that they don’t feel they have a place to go in the current culture of western medicine to address male health challenges as they arise. Be it physical or mental many have learned to repress emotion, ‘act like a man’ and deny the physical limits of the body until that back pain sets them on the ground.

What if there were a way to maintain total health without detrimental side effects associated with drugs? What if you could do this and still have fun and enjoy life? What if you were able to evolve as a person in the process as an engaged participant?

Natural and noninvasive health and longevity strategies have existed for thousands of years.

There is a concept known as ‘yang sheng’ in Chinese qigong and medical culture that means ‘nourishing life’. This concept informs the way that Eastern medicine views the body, how it is organized and balanced in wellness and how patterns of imbalance checked to halt disease. This idea is also embodied in day to day living that support health and is fundamental to patient care in different treatment strategies for men and women.

Many health issues that men encounter are caused by an imbalance in lifestyle, diet and activities that deplete vital physical resources. From a Chinese medicine perspective, a man’s health and sexual potency depends on the state of the internal organs, quality of the blood and circulatory function throughout the body, and a balanced relationship between all body systems. Acupuncture and Oriental medicine function to resolve health problems at the root. Taoists, yogi’s and qigong practitioners maintain that sex can be a part (if not an essential part) of a healthy persons life through all stages of life.

With acupuncture & East Asian medicine, practical dietary strategies (often this is easier than you might think) and exercise, we are here to help you navigate the health challenges and maintenance required for you to experience yourself at your best through all stages of life.

During intake and initial appointment, we gather the necessary information to understand your problems and begin to work on addressing the root cause of your symptoms / concerns. A treatment plan is developed specifically for you which is monitored and adapted as you progress.

Common challenges that men experience:

Mid life crisis
Emotional balance
Trauma recovery
Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
Cardiovascular (high blood pressure, hypertension, etc.)
Urinary difficulty and Urogenital health

Even if a health problem is not only a male health problem, if a man experiencing that issue (fatigue for example), it is in some way related to his life as a man. It might be hormone balance (T levels dropping) for example, but could also be from unresolved trauma (PTSD), psycho-social significance or lifestyle design. With acupuncture and Oriental medicine, the aim is to address each patient’s unique story and discover what is required to make real changes at the root of the problem. This goes way beyond symptom management. Many specifically male health issues also present in men experiencing low back pain, knee pain, headaches, musculoskeletal disorders, and cardiovascular, renal issues. Whatever it may be, we can help you regain health.