Compassion | Dedication | Integrity

Patient-Centered Approach

Our approach to care is patient-centered, rooted in principles of natural medicine and informed by the most recent developments in biomedical science. Our natural therapies aid in reestablishing a healthy physiological baseline and awaken your body’s innate healing potential.

Find out more about our treatment approach with 100% natural methods to overcome common health problems and support your pursuit of optimal living.

Results Oriented

We solve problems for our patients by identifying the root cause of symptoms. Our process is effective, empowering, and without side effects.

We use acupuncture, herbs, soft tissue manipulation, mind-body medicine, food & nutrition, yoga and meditation to help patients overcome illness and live a  lifestyle of true vitality and  well-being. 

Anyone can benefit

Regardless of one’s condition, or health status, those who really want to get better AND actively participate in their care, experience change. We help our patients know how to engage the healing process in the best possible way, and how to sustain the benefits of treatment to achieve and maintain true health as fast as possible.

Your body wants to heal

Sometimes, the body needs some specific support to get back on the path of health. That is our job. We help you with therapeutic strategies for your unique condition so that you can be living your life again as soon as possible.

Nature Provides

Natural medicine has existed for as long as humans have been around. We specialize in the most comprehensive natural medicine system on the planet. Traditional Chinese Medicine is thousands of years old, a focal point of much research, and gaining in popularity worldwide at an astounding rate.

Mind-Body-Spirit relationship is key

A balanced relationship between physiological, psychological and spiritual aspects of life are keys to true health. When the whole person is doing well, each one of these ‘pillars’ is healthy and in conjunction with the others forms the foundation of well-being and fulfillment.


Whether you’re looking for relief from pain, other chronic or acute health concerns or health optimization, we have many natural, effective and proven methods to help you.  

One of the major things what sets us apart is that we are passionate about and understand the larger picture behind the current health care climate. Not only are people becoming more frustrated with the current health care system model of care, but they aren’t seeing results. People are beginning to see that for non-emergency conditions, natural medicine is the way to go. It allows individuals to take health into their own hands, learn ways to support themselves and their families, and do it all without the side effects of pharmaceuticals. We are passionate about helping you find the healthcare solutions you need, long term. We are dedicated to education and empowerment. In our office, the care you get will jump-start a healing process that takes place outside our office as much as in our treatment rooms. We want to see you thrive and be the best You possible. 

We at Clear Path have a deep love and respect for nature and for what it has to offer with regard to health and healing.  As outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, and conservationists, they bring this deep connection to the natural world into every aspect of their lives, including their natural medicine practice.

The Clear Path is a place where all people, no matter their health concern, can get the care and education they need working highly skilled and compassionate practitioners.